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December - 2nd week - 12 images
  • 01.Fourth floor column concreting.jpg

    01.Fourth floor column concreting

  • 02.Fourth floor column concreting.jpg

    02.Fourth floor column concreting

  • 03.block masonry work.jpg

    03.block masonry work

  • 04.slab reinforcement work.jpg

    04.slab reinforcement work

  • 05.slab concreting work.jpg

    05.slab concreting work

  • 06.beam reinforcement work.jpg

    06.beam reinforcement work

  • 07.backfilling work.jpg

    07.backfilling work

  • 08.roof slab centering work.jpg

    08.roof slab centering work

  • 09.roof beam reinforcement.jpg

    09.roof beam reinforcement

  • 10.column concreting work.jpg

    10.column concreting work

  • 11.roof slab centering work.jpg

    11.roof slab centering work